These are several pages that are sort of ‘living documents’ updating with various links as they come- oh and feel free to message or contact if you’d like to add or remove any links.

These would be very useful links to get connected within the greater meta-network of mycelial related ventures and fungi enthusiasts.

Societies, Groups, and Associations

All sorts of links to various Fungi Societies from various Countries internationally.


Any labs performing research into the varied world of Fungi from various Countries internationally as well.


Any Business dealing in Fungi related products or goods with a Fungi Focus.

Adventure (Experiential Tours and Educational Classes)

Tours, events, workshops, Forays, the works.

Eclectic Links

Other useful links under a broad purview, an eclectic assortment of useful links. To include Youtubers, Tiktokers, and other Social Media Platforms. Also some nice niche blogsites and podcasts as they ‘pop up’ like a mushroom on the greater cyber-net.


Join the Mycelial-Network Discord if you want to help out or lounge around. Just don’t be a hard seller.

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