Directory of Fungal Businesses

Any Business dealing in Fungi related products, goods, or services. Each Business and submission checked to help ensure it’s a real business. The list is always a work in progress.

The best way to use this list is to either connect and network with businesses either in state or out of state. It’s a lot easier to be friendly with out of state businesses because you’re not direct competition. As a consumer, this is a good page to help source locally and help out local businesses as well.


These are small businesses ran by a few people that aren’t bound to the sedentary lives of addresses. Nomadic in nature but crucial to the expanding ventures and ideas of fungi itself.

Mushroaming by Daniel Winkler

United States

Foraged Markets is an amazing innovative online marketplace for a community, the community of foragers and catered to people all across the United States. Check them out at their website, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter.


Fungi Farm – Deals in Mushroom blocks, spawn, clothing, and wholesale distrubution for approved wholesale customers. They also offer Alabama Wild Mushroom Certification, a hands on class for dealing with Mushrooms in the state of Alabama. For more information, check out their Linktree, Mushroommag, or Instagram.


Elsinore Mushrooms based in California with their website, facebook, and instagram. They have a nice selection of mushrooms from chestnut to reishi, and they have a cool lion’s mane sushi recipe that’s worth checking out.

Farwest Fungi based out of Sanfrancisco California deals in Mushroom products, tinctures, powders, growkits, and even mycelial blocks for compost. You can find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

The Chaga Company is a company focused on Chaga mushrooms, extracts, tinctures, teas, coffees, powders, and all forms of ethically sourcing Chaga and providing knowledge and education. One of their products is MycoSalt, which is Sea Salt mixed with synergistic blend of mushrooms. Learn more from their website, their instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or their youtube.

Black Magic alchemy – providing magical elixirsm, teas, and tinctures as well as mycelium based soaps. Featured in several podcasts, and several outting in Washington and Canada, they also run an information blog. Learn more at their website, facebook, instagram, or youtube.

Old Truck Organics – Headquartered in Gliroy, California. Old Truck Organics provides Mycorrhizal Composted soil solution all along the Westcoast, parts of Alaska, and even areas in the rest of the states. Check out their store locater to find one near you. To learn more about their product, check out their website, or Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Pinterest.

Four Sigmatic – The proclaimed “OG” purveyor of mushroom coffee offering to many big name brand retailers such as Wegmans, Fredmeyer, Whole Foods, and HEB. Click here to see their full list of store partners to find their products near you. Additionally you can buy directly from their shop online. Check out their Website, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, or Facebook.

Ohms Collective – Located in Ojai, offering a flagship product of Big Brain Bar with many nutritious and nootropic ingredients such as Cordyceps, Cacao nibs, Sunflower butter and much more. Check out their linktree, website, or instagram.


Tryptomics – Head quartered in Boulder, this biotech company provides analytical testing of products, genetic assays, research and more. You can test for content, concentration, beta glucan, moisture, metals, pesticide and fungicide, and more. Their flagship laboratory is in Longmont. Check them out at their Website, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Patreon.

Colorado Mushroom Company, LLC – CMC is family operated in the Rocky Mountains. Mushroom Coffee & Chais, Mushroom Culinary Spices, Elixirs, Skin Care, Supplements, Education, & more. Find them at their Website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Hamilton’s Mushroom Extracts – offering teas, tinctures, and extracts as well as some apparel and foray oppurtunities. There’s also the option of ordering wholesale or bulk extracts for more B2B or up-scaled type of business. Learn more at their Linktree, Website, Instagram, or Facebook.

Full Fruit Fungals – Lyons, Co. Full Fruit Fungals started with two enthusiastic individuals with such a joy for wild mushroom foraging and cultivation that soon developed into an obsession with all things fungi. We believe in the power of nature, and working symbiotically with things that mother earth has provided for us. They offer mushroom chocolates and powders ranging from Cordyceps to Reishi and more! Check them out at their Website, or Instagram.


Gowin Valley Farms – Rocky Face, GA. Certified Naturally Grown 🍄 Farm serving Chattanooga & beyond. Workshops & more. Learn about our R&D with KSU on their website and Instagram.


Mālama Mushrooms – ‘Malama’ is the Hawaiian word for protect, preserve, and nurture. This serves as the standard for all that we do at Malama Mushrooms. They offer an assortment of mushroom goodies and some caocao as well. Check them out at their Website, Instagram, or Facebook.



Fruiting Bodies – Formerly Chicago Mushroom Co. & Mushroom Magic LLC, offering mushroom tinctures and even Cordycep infused Chocolate. Check them out at their website or Instagram.

Fruiting Bodies Lab – Offering Lab services in connection with Fruiting Bodies above. Check out their Instagram.


Grounded Mushrooms – Indy urban mushroom farm located off Washington St. We grow fresh & local gourmet mushrooms with an emphasis on Lions Mane and Lions Mane products. Check out their website or Instagram.


Sylvatica Forest Farm – Located in Berea, Kentucky, this farm focuses on Apothecary Products and is Appalachia Herbal CSA. They also cultivate a wide variety of medicinal and culinary mushrooms on logs and grow them naturally, outdoors in the foothills of the Applachian Mountains in Kentucky. They also host workshops on growing mushrooms and gardening. For more information, find them at their website or Instagram.


Backbone Food Farm, a diversified small family farm located in Garrett County, MD. This farm also has a Mycology Division that offers Consultation Services and Cultivation courses. They also have a Facebook and Instagram.

King Mushrooms, Fresh local mushrooms, soups, tinctures, and more for those near Marydel, MD (they also do shipping) and you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.


Fungi Ally – A Company that sells mushroom products, spawn, extracts, growkits, and offers free information on their website’s blog as well as some online classes. They even have a class on starting your own commercial mushroom business. You can check them out at their website, Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.


Terrestial Fungi – Fungal breeding and art by @ryanpaulgates Specializing in Cordyceps militaris, and rare Ganoderma.
Smurfville, MI. Check them out on Instagram or at their website.

New Hampshire

New Jersey

Mendham mushrooms, located in Mendham Township, this farm offers a wide range of gourmet products, dietary, supplements, dried mushrooms and more. They have a blog for cooking and medical research on their website. They also sponsered Mycofest in Pennsylvania. You can check them out here are their website or youtube.

New Mexico

Unifungi, a business offering services, fungi, consulting, cooking classes and going to the farmer’s market. They also led the hosting of the first South West Funga Fest 2023. Check them out at their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Full Circle Mushrooms, a Woman Owned company founded by Ximena Zamacona that sells mushroom products and attends the ABQ and other farmer’s markets. They also offer pick-up services for orders at nearby pick-up partners. They also offer wholesale for restaurants and businesses. Ximena was also a contributor and speaker for South West Funga Fest. Find them at their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

New Mexico Fungi, offers mushrooms and mushroom growing supplies as well as bags. They offer a few classes on their farms and attend the farmer’s market. Find them at their website, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Youtube.

Fun-guy Compost Company, a company tailored to making enhanced compost with mycelium. “Handmade and totally organic” compost. They also offer consulting services and applications or pastes or extracts. Find out more at their website or Facebook.

NM Canna Fungi Permaculture – Headed by Julian Scanlon, providing services for permaculture design, fungi foraging, and fermenting. Check out their linktree and Instagram.

New York

Ecovative– Headquartered in New York, Ecovative works on developing technologies such as MycoComposite, AirMycelium, and more to bring about artistic mediums for mycelium, mycelium based foods, and fashion made mycelium. You can find Ecovative on theri website, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook. Ecovative has brands working with their technology, such as Mushroom Packaging which uses Mycelial foam packaging (Learn more at their website, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) , Forager focused on fashion, apparel, and automotive uses for mycelium (learn more at their website, facebook, instagram, twitter, or linkedin), and MyForest foods which sports mycelial based foods like Myco Bacon (learn more at their website, blog, or instagram).

Black Oak Mushrooms – A Gourmet mushroom farm in beautiful New Paltz, NY. Let us provide you, your family and your restaurant with fresh delicious mushrooms. Check out their Website, or Instagram.

Sugar Shack Mushrooms – Growing specialty mushrooms year round in New Paltz,NY. Mushroom CSA, tinctures,growing supplies and workshops. Email: Check out their Linktree or Instagram.

Mycophilic – A business located in the Hudson Bay/Catskill region, Hosting events and attending them as speakers and informational guides, while offering Workshop classes, Mushroom walks, and consultations on growing. More information on their website and Instagram.

Cam’s Urban Farm – cultivating mushrooms and microgreens in Brooklyn. Also offering educational content on socials. Check out the Instagram, or Youtube.

North Carolina

North Dakota


Oklamhoma Fungi – A Business that offers substrates, agar plates, spore syringes, liquid cultures, and consultation. There’s more supplies for cleanliness like lids and micron filters. The founder Jacob DeVecchio was also attending the South West Funga Fest 2023. Oklahoma Fungi is also hosting the first OK Fungi fest October 2023. Find out more on their website, facebook, instagram, twitter, tiktok, reddit, and youtube.

OKCmycologysupply- a small family farm providing some supplements, fruiting blocks, lion’s mane, liquid cultures and spawn. Located near OKC of course. Check them out at their Website, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. They’ll also be at the OK Fungi Fest in October 2023.


Evolved Mushrooms – Founded by a dynamic duo, offering wholesale, tinctures, education, and consultation. Find out more at their website, or instagram , their blog, or visit HavenPDX in person for more details.

Fungidesignz – Portland Based business offering mushroom designs, stickers, clothing, and tinctures. Check them out at their website, instagram, or facebook.

Mindful Mushrooms LLC- Portland Based business dealing in extracts and powders. Learn more at their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

The Mushroomery – A local farm in Lebanon, Oregon that offers gourmet mushrooms and logs, they also make the drive to the various Farmer’s Markets as well. Check them out at their website or Facebook.

High Desert Spores – Headquaretered in Portland and delivering to Oregon and California, High Desert Spores specializes in Mushroom Cultures, syringes, and spore prints. Give them a look-see at their Beacons, website, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube or Instagram.

Brown Bottle Farm – They grow mushrooms, veggies, and herbs. They also offer education, Farmshares, and attend nice mushroom events like the Folk and Forage! More information and education at their website or instagram or Facebook.

SporeLust! – Located in Corvallis, this store offers stickers, clothing, apparel, bags, art, and other sundries related to Fungi. Including Tarot! Check out their website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tiktok.

Irie Farms – Located in Portland, this small farm offers grain bags, mix spawn, sawdust, and other growing media. They also offer dried Mexican Truffles or Huitlacoche. And also they offer various dried mushrooms as well. Check them out at their website, Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram.

Morchella – Located in NE Portland, this restaurant offers wild foraged eats with fresh ingredients from foraging the week of to include mushrooms and wild greens. With fine fresh ingredients and unique flavors, it’s a great spot for wild eats presented in an artisanal manner. Check them out at their website or Instagram.

Vesper Mushrooms – Offering Tinctures in honey comb packaging from the heart of Portland to help elevate life, remembering our roots, and leaving no traces. Find out more at their website, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter.

The Joel Palmer House Restaurant – Located in Dayton, they offer a delicious menu infused with mushrooms from Mushroom Soup to Mushroom Tart, and even Mushroom Risotto. Their cooking revolves around mushrooms and truffles hand foraged themselves and herbs from their own culinary garden. Find out more at their website, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

CinderBird – Inspired by our travels and outdoor adventures we developed a convenient, on-the-go beverage to make getting out into nature one small step easier while helping fuel you for the next switchback. At CinderBird it’s our goal to inspire folks to get up, get out, and go exploring. There is so much to see and so little time to see it! – They offer mushroom infused matcha Lattes, tea, and coffee. Check out their website for more information, or their instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok.


Appalchian Gold Fungi – Offers a selection of cultivated strains from their Etsy store, based in Pittsburg, PA. Cordy Cep hunter and natural forager. Check out their Etsy, Instagram, or Facebook.

Mushroom Merchants – A new company specializing in the cultivation of Cordyceps Militaris with a Farm in Central Pennsylvania. Also on Instagram and Youtube. Check out also their website.

Phillips Mushroom Farms – Located in Kennett Square, PA, started in late 1920’s, this farm is serving White, Crimini, Portabella, Specialty, and Organic produce. The Phillips Mushroom Farms family of products includes a wide array of mushrooms. From conventional whites to organic portabella, even specialty mushrooms like Maitake and Shiitake. Offering customized retail packs, bulk sale assortments, foodservice packs, and private label packages as well. Check out their website or Facebook.

Harmony Acres Farm – Specializing in Amanita Mushrooms and also providing a wide array of Mushroom Tinctures. They also offer consultations on Permaculture, psychedelics, medicinal mushrooms, edible mushrooms, life/bussiness/wellness coaching. For more information check out their Linktree, website, Facebook, Youtube, or instagram. For specific information on Amanita, check out this website.

Rhode Island
South Carolina

Mushroom Mountain – an ecotourism hotspot for everyone interested in learning about the amazing world of fungi, and is home to the best mushroom trail on the planet, dedicating outdoor space for fruiting displays of mushrooms and other fungi organized by genera and specific groups for visitors to examine, photograph, study, and admire. Here at Mushroom Mountain, our role is to steward the natural world. Mushrooms are a very important part of the natural cycle. They connect us all in ways we can’t even imagine. Our company offers high quality spawn, fruiting kits, mushroom related gifts and books, workshops, and farm tours for our visitors and growers to expand their knowledge of fungi. Our goal is to spread the spores wherever and whenever we can. Find them at their website, facebook, instagram, or youtube.

South Dakota

Everything Mushrooms is a business that provides consultation to courses to mushrooms and brewing kombucha. They have some cool recipes on their website as well as some content on their Instagram. They also host the Knox Mushroom Festival, which is a festival dedicated to mushrooms as well as arts and crafts with food and music.


The Big Bend Fungi Company – located in Fort Davis, TX, offering mushroom products, mushroom shirts, tinctures, broth mix, powders, bagging unit parts, and sterilized bags. Check them out at their instagram, Facebook, or their website.


The Mushroom Forager LLC – Based in Richmond Vermont, the Mushroom Forager provides workshops, classes, consultation, seminars, and has a cool blog on their website. They also do a land survey for mushrooms, and can check out your plot of land for foray purposes. Check them out at their Website, Facebook, or Instagram.


Mycouprrhizal – located in Tenino, a small independent mushroom farm founded in 2016. Offering a wide selection of mushrooms, plug spawn, petri dishes, apparel, and a wide selection of culture strains. Check out their linktree, website, Etsy, instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

West Virginia

E.B. Fungi – Located in Princeton, WV, E.B. Fungi offers mushroom growing supplies, fresh mushrooms, consultations, classes and more! More information at their website, facebook, and instagram.


Field & Forest – Headquartered in Peshtigo, they have been providing services and products, A team of experts helping you grow your own mushrooms with superior spawn and supplies. Family owned and operated since 1983. They offer grow kits, tools, spores, supplies, teas, tinctures, and the whole gambit, as well as learning and educational material. They also have a Culture Bank of various Spores. Check out their website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.



Annanda Chaga Mushrooms (also known as Annanda Organic Mushrooms) is a small farm that deals in Chaga, reshi, lion’s mane, and Turkey Tail products. You can check them out at their website and their facebook.

Real Mushrooms Founded by Skye Chilton provides Mushrooms Capsules, Powder, Blends, and even Pet Supplements. Skye has some interesting interviews on Incredible Mushrooms and World Mushroom Society.

Nammex is a B2B whole saler that provides many products and support businesses such as Real mushrooms above. This Business is for other businesses to work with, not for your average end consumer. So if you’re interested in sourcing your mushroom business, perhaps look into Nammex.

United Kingdom

Mushroom Culture a Small local farm working with the community in providing education and high quality gourmet mushrooms. They also have various articles

The Mushroom Emporium a mushroom farm focused on Gourmet Mushrooms, check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook.


EnferBio at is creating Mycoprotein for food and sustainability, check them out also at their youtube channel if you’re interested.

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