Yeast is actually Fungi

Yeast, the thing that makes bread rise and is vital for the process of making most of the alcohol that people consume. That yeast- is actually a part of the Fungi Kingdom. As the title suggests, Yeast is actually Fungi.

One size doesn’t fit all in Yeast. There are many different types of yeast and many species (some sources cite more than 1,500 species). Anyone who has worked with or consumed a yeast product can attest that different things do taste -well- different.

So different yeast makes different flavors. Some people and companies guard their yeast as a secret ingredient for making their products. Serious companies cultivate their own yeast or buy a guaranteed yeast product from a provider/purveyor to ensure a consistent flavor.

I wouldn’t doubt there being companies that provide security and just safeguards a specific species of yeast, sounds plausible.


Yeast can get oxygen by breathing it from the atmosphere or by breaking down nutrients such as the various sugars. The process of breaking down sugar, for oxygen, is called Fermentation.

When making bread, the rising action of the bread dough is attributed to the off-gassing of the yeast. The Yeast take in oxygen from the sugars and exhale Carbon Dioxide. So that rising action is the dough being inflated with Carbon Dioxide.

As a tip,

keep in mind that the Yeast Culture will grow differently in specific conditions. So the temperature, humidity, and even the air quality play a factor into growing yeast.

For instance, Sourdough bread gets its specific sourness flavor from lactic acid created by the Yeast which pools up in the cold, such as a refrigerator. Essentially refrigerating Sourdough makes the sourdough more sour.

Are there some species of yeast that perform differently in different conditions? It’s quite possible. In fact, has three different temperature suggestions for three different types of yeast;

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1 thought on “Yeast is actually Fungi”

  1. 1) Yeast make bread rise.

    2) Yeast is essential for making alcohol.

    3) Yeast is a part of the Fungi Kingdom.

    Yeast is quite the amazing substance, I tend not to use it when baking but it is quite dramatic in effect.

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Yeast is actually Fungi

Yeast, the thing that makes bread rise and is vital for the process of making most of the alcohol that people consume. That yeast- is

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