What is Lemon Tekking?

Lemon Tekking is short for “Lemon Technique”. Tekking or ‘tek’ is just a slang for Technique- a ‘how to’ to do something.

The Lemon technique can be broken down to essentially this- When consuming mushrooms or fungi, you can use lemon juice to acid cook the mushrooms making the compounds more bioavailable. That is the Lemon Technique.

People in the underground typically do this for their Magic Mushrooms that have Psilocybin or other mushrooms like Amanita Muscaria.

Some people report that Lemon Tekking is a way to combat nausea or helps things go down easier.

People have subjectively reported that it interacts differently with the psilocin and psilocybin of Magic Mushrooms resulting in quicker release. I’ve heard a small handfull of stories in which lemon tekking helped to ‘speed’ the experiences and benefits while providing for greater intensity in a more acute temporal frame or a shorter amount of time.

Other People have reported synergistic effects with Amanita Muscaria. For instance, there is a theory that the ibotenic acid is aided by the lemon tek to turn into muscimol (through rapid decarboxylation). Muscimol is one of the psychoactive compounds that people look for in Amanita Muscaria. For working with low dose recreational purposes or otherwise, perhaps consider looking at the lemon tek.

The other idea of lemon tekking is that it helps to break the chitinous Polysaccharides that make up the cell walls of the fungi, therefore you get more access to the internal fungi cells resulting in the possibility to access a greater amount of bioactive compounds and benefits that may be slightly affected or loss due to traditional heat cooking.

You could use Lemon juice to help break down non-magical mushrooms and create teas or other forms of drinks and foods. Maybe a nice kebab over fish or something. Point is, there’s more to lemon tekking than meets the eye.

For me, personally, I wouldn’t mind getting some chitinase pills and enjoying a raw Lion’s Mane Sushi roll or trying a fresh mushroom kebab or a Poke Bowl with some mushrooms. Acid Cooked and all, of course.

Here are some other articles that provide information;

A post by Double Blind Mag

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To Recap,

People use lemon juice or citirc acids to help consume mushrooms of all kinds. Some prefer this method and cite their subjective experience to be better.

The exact specifities and process and time frames are dependent on a lot of conditions. Things such as type of mushroom, temperature, chemicals, type of acid, mass, etc. So this article isn’t a guide for the specifics, just merely a short infomercial on one of many teks out there.

All in all, things affect people differently, so it’s fairly subjective to what your intended results may be from your actual expectations.

Just remember to respect the forest, the community, and all that jazz.

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