What are Flushes for Growing Mushrooms?

Flushes are essentially the waves that fruiting bodies of mushrooms grow (fruiting bodies are the actual mushroom cap and stem). So when you grow mushrooms, you might get a harvest, and after your pick the caps and stems, you might get a second harvest.

So don’t throw out mushrooms immediately, whether your growing Oyster Mushrooms, Lion’s mane mushrooms, or something else, you might be able to get a second Harvest.

Some people online have reported seeing three flushes, whether or not it’s luck, that’s another story.

With more research into Mushrooms and how they live, their life cycle, and the conditions of creating a fruiting body- we may come to a time where we can have a ‘perpetual grow’. A cycle of endless flushes- a cornucopia of mushroom harvests. This would be able to help sustain all of society, feed each other, possibly end world hunger, and my favorite part, save money.

Because if you could save money growing mushrooms in your backyard or closet, that would be better for society and your wallet.

The life span of a mushroom isn’t limited to just one or two flushes, in fact there are large and old Mushrooms that are several thousand years old. Which implies a looot of flushes.

“Located in the Blue Mountains within the Malheur National Forest in Eastern Oregon, armillaria ostoyae is an enormous organism dubbed the “Humongous Fungus” by scientists. More commonly known as the Honey Mushroom or Shoestring Fungus, the total mass of it is estimated to weigh at least 7,500 tons and maybe up to 35,000 tons. Likely it is also the world’s OLDEST organism as well, estimated to be around 2,400 years – 8,650 years old.”


Now if we could somehow manage to create a symbiotic relationship with old mushrooms and have flushes for a long time, that’d be great.

Thank you,

Please feel free to report your experiences down below. There’s two camps within the mushroom mycologists, the people that want to share everything, and the people that want to protect what they’re sharing so that the intellectual property rights don’t fall into the wrong hands. So, there’s a reason for some clemency towards those that guard their ‘trade secrets’.

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