Update Aug 4, 2023


I, Duke, was able to go to New Mexico last weekend near Valarde to check out the first year of South West Funga Fest hosted by Uni fungi.

It was an interesting and amazing experience, there were classes and speakers, panels and discussions, there was a fire, a cave, a hill, and a river to enjoy the classes as well as a main stage. Oh, and you could also swim too if you wanted.

It was an outdoor festival where you had to camp, some people chose to sleep in their cars, and there were classes and events that went late into midnight, which works a lot better for being in the desert out of the desert sun.

There is a lot of content and connections made, so I’ll be updating things accordingly with the time that I have available.

And I’ll be referencing some of the awesome work other people are doing, as well as content creators. Updating some information on the Business links page.



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