Traditional Soy sauce uses Fungi

Technically anything that requires fermentation uses either Fungi or bacteria. Chances are, if it needs fermentation then it can be made with Fungi as well.

And by ‘Traditional’, I mean the original production of the traditional Soy Sauce.

Soy Sauce specifically is sauce made from fermented soy beans. Different recipes call for different ingredients, but the common ingredients are soy beans and yeast or mold (like Aspergillus oryzae). The Yeast and/or mold is the Fungi that is there to provide fermentation.

“Traditional soy sauce is made by soaking soybeans in water and roasting and crushing the wheat. Then the soybeans and wheat are mixed with a culturing mold, most commonly Aspergillus, and left for two to three days to develop.” –Healthline

And yeast and mold are both fungi.

Thank you for reading,

I think it’s pretty fascinating how much of our world uses Fungi in some way, shape, or form. From traditional sauces, to cheese, to life saving medication. There are plenty of uses for Fungi, and it’s surprising to find it being used in items that you wouldn’t expect, such as Soy Sauce or Beer. Perhaps there are more uses for Fungi and perhaps we’re underutilizing the Potential of Fungi in everything.

That’s just some food for thought.

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