M-SHWY (Mycelium Super Highway) rugs

Early April this year 2023, there was a cool collaboration between JOV @JOVdesign and Studio Mary Lennox @ruby_marylennox presenting M-SHWY (Mycelium Super Highway).

This art installation is fashionable for anyone who wants more Mushroom Eclectic and Eccentric decor in their life, as featured on Trend Hunter, Stir, This is Paper, and Design Milk.

With more artistic expressions and functional home decor, Mushrooms can make all sorts of impact within the art world as well as our own homes and our daily lives. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two integrating the design and intellegence of mushrooms to add more color and life into our lives.

To Recap,

Sharing a really cool rug design and theme for homes. An artistic endevor culminating in fashionable home decor.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the featured articles in the links above via Trend Hunter, Stir, This is Paper, and Design Milk.

All of the photography was by Francesco Stelitano.


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