Here’s a nice peculiar resource of Niche Information on Cordyceps

I (Duke) was able to stumble upon a really extensive blog detailing adventures through Tibet, Japan, China, Bolivia, and more. This Specific blog, as of 2016, has 12 web pages of great information and is an awesome resource for anyone interested in learning more about Cordyceps online.

It’s called ‘Cordyceps blog’ by Daniel Winkler on


If you’re interested in the mycology, the adventure, or Cordyceps- then check it out. I do recommend.

I personally learned some cool things like a museum called the Cordyecum exists in Pinghu of Zhejiang China. I got to read a bit and see some cool photos on Ophicordyceps yakushimensis, Ophiocordyceps sinensis (aka Yartsa Gunbu), Ophiocordyceps pentatomae, Ophiocordyceps caloceroides, Ophiocordyceps dipterigena, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, Ophiocordyceps erotyli, Cordyceps locustiphila, Cordyceps acridophila, and much more.

On, I was able to find some more links to other good Cordyceps information.

So, hopefully this post gets to who needs to see this, if not hopefully the you reading this can leverage this information and help it reach the people that need to see this.

Thanks for reading.

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