Here are Some Great Podcasts about Mushrooms and Fungi

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Myco Wizards

You can find them on Youtube, Spotify, and their website, buzzsprout and Cap N’ Stem’s website.

Eric Lowen of Maine Cap N’ Stem talks some sweet jazz with other interesting people well connected in the fungi farming industry from all over. This is a great podcast for looking into the Business-2-Business, learning some tips and tricks from farmers and other business oriented persons in the Mushroom Industry.

Mushroom Show

Bi-Weekly Podcast featuring mushrooms, mycology and health. Hosted by Tony Shields, founder of FreshCap Mushrooms. Information is catered to the general consumer providing consumer insights and consumer protections as well as knowledge into various mushroom and mushroom products.

You can find them on Youtube and Apple Podcasts and Spotify and Buzz Sprout.

Welcome to Mushroom Hour

A podcast involving traveling the world to interview all things Fungi Related, from Construction using Mycelium, Fungal Fabrics, Researchers, Mycologists, Movers, Shakers, Producers, and Fungi Farmers.

You can find them on Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and their website.

Mycopreneur Podcast

On Spotify

Mycopreneur is a Mushroom Based Publication that also has a podcast with industry insights.

You can also experience their publications and more info on this linktree.

Mushroom Revival Podcast

On Spotify

A Podcast with a main focus on Mycoremediation, the ability for Fungi to help filter and clean our environment from toxins and pollutants, in an effort to restore our world. The Podcast also goes over some other interesting ideas and concepts from Santa Claus to Chinese Fungi Markets and much more.

Hosted by Alex Dorr and Lera Niemackl, You can hear about their origin story through a video of a meeting with Mushroom Club of Georgia, and feel free to check out their website at Mushroom Revival.

Ryan’s Remarkable Mycology

Ryan’s Remarkable Mycology hosted by Ryan Hodes has a neat website, is on instagram and on iHeart Radio and Itunes. This podcast itself is freshly spawned in the year 2023 and has (as of writing) two episodes, so definitely easy to catch up as it takes off!

Some Notable mentions;

These are a few small podcasts that have a few episodes that are worth checking out. The updates have seemed to stop around the Covid times when times were tough, so giving them traffic might rekindle their desire to continue if they’re able.

Applied Mycology on Spotify and Instagram

Fungitown, Hosted by Jen Parrilli, a little podcast that won’t take up mush of your time, check them out at their website.

Mycoverse at their buzzsprout or check out their linktree.

Forager’s Radio hosted by Neil Thenier, can be found on and connected to Forager’s Kingdom

To Recap,

I made this list mainly for me to listen in to and learn more stuff, because I’ve gotten a lot of wisdom garnered from the types and levels of conversation that are above my level of expertise. It’s like watching professionals talk or play a game and learning their tactics and strategies and new concerns, levels above my own. This has broadened my Horizons, hopefuly it does for you.

It’s important to note that all of these choices and decentralized passions creating projects and podcasts are integral for building the world to be better in towards what we desire. Collectively we all play a part, and it’s great to see people do their own thing. In truth, we all can’t do everything, so it’s good to see and support the people as they take a lead in their niche, whether it be in a small business market or an obscure theoretical mycology proofing. All of it helps build for outselves and future generations.

I’ll be referencing this post, but hopefully you get a chance to check out most of them yourself. Feel free to reference this post as well, and even bookmark it if you want.

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