Fungi Mutarium: a 2014 project on Plastic eating Fungi

This here is a Vimeo of a project by LIVIN Studio in the Netherlands in 2014. In the project, they sterilize plastic with a UV light and then place the plastic in a container. The plastic acts as the substrate (food) for fungi and a liquid culture is added to the plastic to grow into fungi.

There’s more information on the caption of the Vimeo, and note that this happened in 2014. There’s been much more development in the world of Fungi and plastic eating developments by other groups.

This is a link to the LIVIN studio’s website in which they go more into detail about the project. It was a sort of prototype concept design for the future of things to be a concept for growing food. This specific project was to grow edible fungi. Turning plastic into food.

Here’s another video on the Research into their ‘FU’ food made from Fungi.

They report that they were working with the Fungi Schizophyllum Commune (Splitgill mushroom) and Pleurotus Ostreatus (Oyster Mushroom).

LIVIN studios also has other ideas such as Fungi Cutlery for eating their specific ‘FU’ food.

Since 2014, there’s not much word nor updates from LIVIN Studios on Fungi. It appears the team is working on a project called LIVIN Farms as a business, here is a link on more about that and click here for a youtube video as well. A project/business with the European Commision to research into the viability of meal worms and such.

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Hopefully this inspires you on ways to turn pollution or ‘trash’ into treasure. All things in the universe have their uses, even spent plastic. So we can upcycle and recycle even old plastic into other things, like food or perhaps fungal based building material. Fungi has, throughout time, been the natural decomposers of most things in the world.

As always, comment down below if you have ideas, tips, or tricks. Contribute where you can and perhaps that can help someone in the future. Feel free to send an email under the contact, if you have any questions or ideas.

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