ECBF spotlights fresh Fungi Startups

The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund wrote a post on linkedin about these fresh Fungi Startups;


This Finland Based Company is brewing myco-protein, you can learn more with the video below or at their website

The Protein Brewery

The Protein Brewery develop food ingredients and alternative food sources using their Hero Product, the Fermotein using Fungi and other plant based sources. Fermotein is brewed with turning sugars into proteing via fungi fermentation. It’s like brewing beer, but instead, protein.

Check out more at their website;


SQIM is developing technologies using Mycelium. The two projects/technologies they are working on are for Fashion materials and brand through EPHEA and Design and Archetecture market for MOGU.

You can find out more at their website

To Recap,

ECBF is spotlighting and possibly investing in these fungi startups, and the future looks innovative with myco-protein, myco-fiber, and myco-construction materials.

To read more about ECBF’s take and reports on Fungi, check it out here.

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