Different Parts of Fungi have different benefits; Spores, Mycelium, and Fruit Body

A picture of a mushroom grow brick on a metal shelf inside a fruiting grow room.

Mushroom Culture based in the UK

-has a great article that talks about different benefits and bioactive ingredients from Mycelium and the Fruiting Body.

For instance, Lion’s Mane’s Fruiting body has hericenones that can stimulate the Brain’s Nerve Growth Factor (NGF).

At the same time, Lion’s Mane Mycelium has erinacines which are not found in the fruit bodies. Erinacines are able to cross the blood brain barrier and are also known to stimulate the Brain’s NGF.

So the degree and efficacy may differ depending on if you’re receiving just one of the above, or both. Perhaps there may even be a synergistic compounding effect to having Erinacines and Hericenones.

If you’re interested in reading the studies or the article by Mushroom Culture, use the button below;

There’s also some research on Spores and their own bioactive properties;

“Spore of edible mushrooms are unexploited edible and medicinal resources, and their discharge process affects the quality of the fruiting body after harvest. It is of great significance to explore their energy metabolism and substance metabolism mechanisms during the period of SD, find effective methods by which to regulate SD, and develop new technology for the quality control of edible mushrooms.”

-“Sexual spores in edible mushroom: bioactive components, discharge mechanisms and effects on fruiting bodies quality
Yunting Li, Yao Feng, Yuling Shang, Heran Xu, Rongrong Xia, Zhenshan Hou, Song Pan, Li Li, Yuanyuan Bian, Jiayi Zhu, Zijian Wang, Guang Xin

The Spores can also be found within the fruiting body, so one who eats the fruiting body has the chance to also benefit from eating the spores. Thus spores are generally lumped with the Fruiting body.

Real Mushrooms in Canada,

The Marketing Angle of Real Mushrooms (a supplement business based in Canada) seeks to ensure consumer and end user protections by providing 100% real mushrooms or fruiting bodies.

Real Mushrooms have article about the negatives of having high starch myceliated grains, and how that may hinder results. The long story short, is that you’re eating more grain than fungi and many large companies partake in delivering such a product. The article also quotes Dr. Terry Willard on the harmonic vibrations and chemistry from myceliated grains.

Real Mushroom goes on to claim that Mushrooms are more effective than Mycelium. Which is a debatable topic within the mushroom industry. This sentiment is also shared with other Organizations like Mushroom revival.

Not all mycelium has to be grown or is grown on myceliated grains. So sourcing of your fungi products is also an important key consideration if you want proper health effects or benefits.

If you’re interested in reading the studies or the article by Real Mushrooms, use the button below;

This appears to be a debate,

-over which parts are better, and will probably continue to be a future contentious issue among the Mushroom supplementary industry. This debate has been going on with in the Mushroom Industry with notable mentions of Jeff Chilton from Nammex and Paul Stamets with Host Defense. Many other organizations like North Spore are also following along with their own articles and takes.

To Recap;

Fungi, specifically Basidiomycetes have three distinct parts. Mushrooms, Spores, and Mycelium. As it turns out, all three are different things. As such, they have different chemical and physical structures meaning they have different bioactive properties and that results in different health benefits.

It appears that the best option is to have a mix of all three, as they may provide synergistic effects. Dr. Terry Willard mentions the best answer to be a dual extract of the Fruiting body and Mycelium. The important part is not eating not-fungi, or high fiber starchy grains or whatever substrate that isn’t mycelium.

It’s probably safe to say that you won’t get benefits of fungi from eating non-fungi.

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