Why It’s Important To Cook Mushrooms Prior To Eating

It’s typically not a good idea to eat mushrooms, gourmet or otherwise, raw. Fungal cell walls are high in polysaccharides like the Glycogenic Glucan. -Meaning, you’ll have indigestion trying to digets this stuff raw. Polysacchrides are essentially complex carbohydrate chains/connections that form things like cell walls, fibers, startches, or glycogen. Most polysaccharides aren’t digestable by …

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Mushrooms can Breath Oxygen

“Most fungi are obligate aerobes, requiring oxygen to survive, however some species, such as the Chytridiomycota that reside in the rumen of cattle, are obligate anaerobes; for these species, anaerobic respiration is used because oxygen will disrupt their metabolism or kill them.” – Georgia Tech Aerobe is a fancy way of saying ‘Breathes air’. Anaerobe, is …

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