An Online Community Market for Foragers; Foraged Markets

This is a great resource for anyone interested in selling their foraged goods or buying direct from the wild or small farms. Introducing Foraged Markets, an online community market geared towards small time vendors, foragers, and farmers. Some types of mushrooms aren’t yet able to be cultivated properly, so for those types, Foraged Markets is a great option.

This is also a great option for online digital shopping purchases, just in case you don’t want to always leave the house or go to the farmers market, or if you’re not really into meeting people and talking about things.

You can even apply to be a vendor and sell your own things! Which Foraged Markets has more information on how to apply on their website.

Here is an example of some items for sale, notice how it has the vendor displayed underneath in the dark green box;

Here’s the Vendor profile of the specific shop from the previous screenshot;

Looking around the website, they sell more than just foraged goods. Many vendors offer different goods like liquid cultures, tinctures, dried mushrooms, and many other products and ingredients.

Another cool thing is, there is the option of local pickup. So you can buy from local vendors and support local businesses.

There’s also the option of buying Cultivated Mushrooms, and not just Wild. So you can get farm fresh products.

You can also buy non-mushrooms, like wild flower petals and other medicinal herbs for your own practice, uses, or teas and tinctures.

A notable thing is, depending on your location, you can even buy Meat, Eggs, Dairy, and other Produce;

Some other things the website offers,

Foraged Markets also runs a Blog posting about foraging itself and general knowledge and education.

Additionally they have a few recipes for making all sorts of food.

To Recap;

You can Find Foraged Markets at their website, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Foraged Markets is an amazing innovative online marketplace for a community, the community of foragers and catered to people all across the United States.

If you know someone who runs their own farmer’s market with their own hidden morel (and other mushroom) spots, give them the heads up about the existence of this neat website. If you know anyone who runs a small farm for mushrooms and tinctures, give them a heads up about this website too, since they deal in cultivated goods as well.

If you know of anyone who has had experience with Foraged Markets as a seller, please do send us that information. The curiousity to know more is yearning for the truth as this seems just too good to be true. Kind of like an etsy but for the specific niche of foraged and farmed goods.


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